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October 2014



Turn Your World Upside Down.

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If Yoga is just not your thing, I still recommend that you practice and master the headstand. Starting your day upside down comes with many benefits, so start practicing! And after your morning stretching, spend a few minutes upside down and allow your body to absorb all the benefits of the Asana.

Most yoga instructors will tell you that doing a headstand gives you all the benefits of a facial, so if you don’t have 100$ to spend on a fancy facial, just spend a few minutes on your head. Being upside down stimulates blood flow to the face, and increased circulation to the skin of the cheeks and forehead means oxygenation and sustained youth of the facial cells. So for youthful, glowing skin, turn your world upside down. Also, a headstand is a small proclaimed war on gravity. By turning our world upside down, we are forcing our skin to hang against gravity’s usual pull.

Spending 1-3 minutes on your head is one of the fastest ways to tone your upper body and build core strength.

A headstand stimulates the pituitary gland. which is responsible for transforming food into energy.

A headstand sends blood to the head, and improves brain function, sharpening your concentration and your senses. So before a hard exam, spend a minute or two upside down.

A headstand is a great way to alleviate stress and depression.

Varicose veins.
Any fluids retained in the feet are drained when you flip upside down, minimizing chances of varicose veins.

Lets be honest, being upside down is fun, and fun makes us happy. So go ahead, try it, fall, and try it again. Practice makes perfect!

It is recommended that you counter a headstand with a shoulder stand.



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