If I Were A Rainbow

If I Were A Rainbow

If I were a rainbow, I would be painted in seven colors.

If I were a rainbow, the crown of my head would be the color of violets, and the fragrance of sweet jasmine. I would wear a diadem made of tourmaline clear quartz.  The branches of enlightenment and transcendence would pierce my mind and yearn for the knowledge of the divinity, and the flowers of higher value would blossom upon those branches. My every thought would be a strand of gold, infused with the perfume of the lotus flower. The planet Uranus would orbit the still spaces of my mind. I would burn incense laced with the scent of a peony blossom, to the source of all truth, and a colorful lotus flower of one thousand petals would live there.

If I were a rainbow, an indigo sky would rest between my eyebrows, and Jupiter would orbit in its light. A silver bindi of lapis amethyst would drape from its abyss, and a soothing melody of intuition and understanding would echo there. Imagination bathed in lavender would be queen there, and Meditation immersed in the aroma of star anise would be her king. I would set up an altar made of silver, and burn galangal incense to the source of awareness, and a silver two petaled lotus flower would breathe there.

If I were a rainbow, an ocean of blue would caress the shores of my throat. Tides of feeling and openness would rise and fall, giving breath to the majestic sea. Branches of eucalyptus and frankincense would drift along the swell, exhaling their scent into the ocean. Ships of speech and expression would sail its healing waters, and wild fish of creativity, articulation, and ideas would explore its depths. Reefs of turquoise azurite would pave its floors, and the planet mercury would orbit there. I would burn incense laced with sandalwood to the Life Force of all things, and a violet lotus flower of sixteen petals would blossom there.

If I were a rainbow, an emerald forest would spread across my heart. Trees of love, with branches of compassion, hope, and trust, would flourish there. And on their branches, leaves of forgiveness, sharing, and connection would bud. Their roots of balance would pierce and curl deep into the soil of Self Love. A green meadow of emotion would be hidden in the folds of the forest, its air laced with the calming aroma of chamomile, and a fountain of green tour kunzite would splash there. Flowers of Personal Growth, infused with the notes of heliotrope would blossom there. Venus would orbit in its serenity, and the birds of Flexibility, and Coping Skills would circle above, and chant their melodies. I would build an altar of copper and burn rose incense to the source of all love, and a blue lotus flower, of twelve petals would bloom there.

If I were a rainbow, the blazing yellow of the sun would illuminate my navel. Its power  would ignite an eternal fire within me, and the flames would roar of desire, passion, and inner strength. It’s scent would be that of ginger, and its seething tongues would devour Vitality and Purpose, and vitality and purpose would become its fuel. It would rage and consume, and leave behind only cinders of Self Control soaked in the sweet fragrance of blueberry. Mars would orbit among its devotional flames. I would build an altar of iron at the center of it, and adorn it in amber citrine, and I would burn incense infused with the spicy fragrance of cedar, to the source of all energy, and a bright yellow lotus flower of ten petals would blossom there.

If I were a rainbow, an orange sunset of intimacy would sweep across my sacrum, its breath composed of notes of dragon-blood. A lake of sensuality and emotion would become its mirror, and ripples of sensitivity would interrupt its stillness. Rays of attraction would scatter across the horizon, and exhale the perfume of a rose, and particles of creativity would season the calm of heavens. The pale moon would reign there, and pendants of coral carnelian would hang upon its horizon. I would make an altar of tin, and burn incense infused with saffron, to the giver of intimacy. A vibrant vermilion lotus flower of six petals would bloom there.

If I were a rainbow, a crimson sunrise would engulf the root of me. It would stretch above the grounding lands of the earth, and lace the air with the fragrance of cinnamon. A shelter of security would be anchored upon the solid ground of self preservation, and a well of survival, made of hematite blood-stone, would pulse from its soil. A campfire of primal energy would burn and not tire, and its smoke would pray to the heavens and offer the perfumes of cedar. Jupiter would orbit among the breath of simplicity, and I would build an altar of lead, and burn incense of myrrh, to the giver of life, and a crimson red lotus flower of four petals would blossom there.



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