Sometimes, you awaken and its as if a hummingbird moved into your heart. And with the fluttering of its wings the bird causes your heart to beat faster and faster. Quickening your pulse as if for the first time ever, you’re realizing you’re in love.

Or maybe….
Maybe you are in love and the hummingbird is just a silly romantic idea.

Or  perhaps…
The bird has broken in through your chest to awaken a love that’s been asleep for too long, and now passion and desire flow through the rivers of your veins. In crimson red…

You look outside, it’s gray. But not just an ordinary, boring kind of gray. But a predestined, ordained, decreed kind of gray.

And in the fluttering of the wings, you hear a lacing of familiar words: Fire and hail, snow and clouds; stormy wind, fulfilling His word! (Psalms 148:8)

And you know, that this gray too, is for Him. Every cloud screams out glory, every raindrop professes His sovereignty.

You are in love. In love with the Creator.

And as the deep realization of His sovereignty and His love takes root within the deepest, most private part of you, you feel a tear of unspoken joy gently roll down your cheek.

You are in love. Madly in love with the Creator.

You know that every breathe you take is ordained by Him, every desire in your heart is orchestrated by Him, every tear is carefully designed by Him, every heartbeat bows to Him.

Sometimes, you awaken and its as if a hummingbird moved into your heart…

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