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April 2014



Why I Love Hot Yoga

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1. It encourages me to appreciate the beauty of my body, of every curve and crevice, in a way I never could. I know I am not perfect, but through the practice of yoga I am able to see the beauty in my imperfections.

2. Doing hot yoga everyday inspires me to eat healthy, to be more aware of what I put into my body, to crave fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, to drink much more water. By learning to love and appreciate my body from the outside, I am more careful about what I feed it on the inside.

3. It inspires me to love and to care for my body, to soak it in long, herbal infused bubble baths, to moisturize my skin, to take time for facials, to keep my nails clean and manicured, to deep condition my hair, to visit the spa, to take the time to love me.

4. Hot yoga is transforming my skin, it’s almost as if there is a new layer of glow over it!

5. Mentally and emotionally the practice of hot yoga helps me let go and release any fear, doubt and negativity that finds it’s way within me. It calms my mind. I am reminded that it is ok to slow down, to let life just unfold, like a rose bud, on it’s own terms, instead of trying to control and plan every minute. It reminds me to just breathe.

6. I am more comfortable with who I am. I am not perfect, I made mistakes, I make mistakes, and I will probably continue to make them. I am often impulsive, often irresponsible, careless, and a little too free spirited. Instead of hiding behind the mask of the woman I wish I was, I am able to face who I actually am, smile, accept me and start changing and being better with little things and small steps.

7. I feel beautiful without makeup, covered in sweat. I never thought I would say this, I was the girl who couldn’t get her mail without first doing her makeup. Yet, today I actually do feel more beautiful checking myself out in the side mirror of a yoga studio, while covered in sweat, than I do all dolled up, and glammed up, checking myself out in a powder mirror while fixing my lipstick.

8. By learning to appreciate my own body, I am learning to be more aware of my surroundings, of the the beauty around me, of the music of nature, of the mountain silhouettes, of the vast blue of the skies, of the abstract design in the branches of trees, of the vibrant colors of flowers, of the roaring majesty of the oceans, of the stillness of the night, of the orange, pink, and violet of sunsets and sunrises, of the beauty and uniqueness in each passing season. The more I am aware of the beauty around me, the more I fall in love with the Creator of it all, the deeper I can see into His mind, the closer I get to His heart. And the deeper I see into His mind and the closer I get to His heart, the more passionate my worship is of Him.

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