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April 2014



Contour & Highlight

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I have been looking for a perfect contour/highlight palette since I first found out about the art of contouring and highlighting and I finally found one I am truly in love with! Contouring and highlighting is my favorite part of doing my makeup. It’s simple, quick, looks natural and makes a huge difference. I have skin on the dry side, so I love the healthy, dewy glow to my skin and this palette does just that. It gives me the glow without making me look oily, and definitely counters my dryness! You can get this palette here: Motives.


There are two colors, fire and ice. Fire is for warmer skin tones, ice is for cooler. If you don’t know if you are cool or warm, wash off all your makeup and spray a ph balancing toner onto your skin. stand in front of a mirror, take a white piece of paper and place it next to your face. If your face appears more yellow, then you are warm, if it is more pink, then you are cool. As you can see, I’m on the pinker side.


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