The Mind Of Poetry

I thought I…

I thought I knew what it was to love, until I fell for you. I thought I knew what pain was, until I cried for you. I thought I knew what they meant by prison, cold cell and heavy chains, until fate forced upon me, […]


I never write just for fun, it’s never really been a habit, I write lyrics in the signature of deepest scars and music in the notes of joy. When the sky is darkest and the chains tight. I write. When the heart is lightest and […]

It was always You

I’m so sorry Darling, Accept this offering, another tearstained night… Forgive me Love, I sinned, I missed the mark. Now I know… It’s You, it was always You. It was never him, it was never her, it was never them, it was never I, it […]

Take My Hand

It’s hell without you Darling, it’s hell without your Love. Hell, hungry flames of lust and hate. Thirsty beasts passionately craving, the blood of man, the red of soul. Sharp blades carefully slicing, carving hearts. Cold claws of terror, fear and horror tear at veins […]

All For You

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth, The constellations and the seas of the world, He created everything that breathes, loves, and lives… In the beginning…  Then man created hell. Ashes from beauty and death from love. Man named this hell: World. […]


I remember somewhere in the future I placed my hope into the rays of summers, I prayed the burning, passionate embrace of sunlight would take my fear, destroy my darkness…. I kneeled in front of all the Good and hated Evil… I prayed. I kneeled. […]

A Love on Film

I never lived a life from start to finish, I never died, but I’ve been dead… Sometimes the claws of death seem so close, Sometimes life is only black and white. And no color. Sometimes silent are the strings of a guitar, And lilies reek […]

Worth It All

Thoughts abandon my numb mind and breathing seems to slowly cease, With my last strength I clutch my tearstained pillow, and I remember your last breath, …….the way you grasped your blood-soaked cross. …….the way I clench my tear soaked pillow. I glance outside the […]

A Crimson Tear

The souls of the world are unequally distributed among frozen flesh. All too often, instead of giving life, these souls become hostages of death. Instead of setting the flesh free, the souls become prisoners of it. Lives are lived on a stage; set by fear, […]