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October 2014



Classic Vs. Russain

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One of the most common questions I get asked is: What is the difference between your Russian Volume Set and a Classic Set? Besides the extra 125$.

For my demonstration I am using the same model, so I am working with the exact amount of lashes for classic, and then for Volume. So you can see the difference for yourself.

This is a photograph of the model, without any makeup or extensions:


With a Classic set, every single lash you have will be lashed. I know there are salons that lash 60-80 lashes, or lash by the minute. I lash your every lash, so if you have the lashes, I will find them, and I will lash them. Classic sets look best on those who naturally have lots of healthy lashes and who want a more natural look. With a classic set, your lashes will be darker, longer, curlier and thicker.

This is the model in a Classic Set. Every one of her lashes is lashed, which creates a very natural look that is perfect for her lifestyle as a yoga instructor:


With a Russian volume set, much finer, and much lighter (in weight)  lashes are used and applied in fans of 3-10 lashes to one of your natural lashes, depending on the amount younatural lash can handle. So for every 1 of your own lashes, you get 3-10 times of lashes. Resulting in a very fluffy and a very full set of lashes. Again, I will lash every one of your lashes. Russian Volume set is best for those who don’t have very many natural lashes, for brides who want their eyes to pop in photos and on stage, and for those who just want the dramatic effect of Russian Volume.

This is the same model competing in the Miss Washington USA pageant, in a Russian Volume set of lashes. It’s the perfect transformation from a yoga instructor to a beauty queen. And here you can compare and see the difference between the two sets. Both of them are equally safe for your lashes and if applied by a professional, they will not damage your natural lashes. And even though the Russian volume appears much heavier, it really isn’t, because the lashes are so much lighter in weight.



If you would want something a little more than classic but a little less than volume, I do offer a Mixed set, which is half Russian and half classic, so it’s a great balance between the two.

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April 2014



Contour & Highlight

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I have been looking for a perfect contour/highlight palette since I first found out about the art of contouring and highlighting and I finally found one I am truly in love with! Contouring and highlighting is my favorite part of doing my makeup. It’s simple, quick, looks natural and makes a huge difference. I have skin on the dry side, so I love the healthy, dewy glow to my skin and this palette does just that. It gives me the glow without making me look oily, and definitely counters my dryness! You can get this palette here: Motives.


There are two colors, fire and ice. Fire is for warmer skin tones, ice is for cooler. If you don’t know if you are cool or warm, wash off all your makeup and spray a ph balancing toner onto your skin. stand in front of a mirror, take a white piece of paper and place it next to your face. If your face appears more yellow, then you are warm, if it is more pink, then you are cool. As you can see, I’m on the pinker side.