A Flirt With Food

Tomato Basil Soup

Ingredients:  6 organic medium sized tomatoes chopped 1 onion sliced 1 handful of basil leaves 1 teaspoon salt 5 garlic cloves 2 cloves 2 cups vegetable broth or chicken broth 1/4 cup coconut oil 2 tablespoons whole wheat flour First combine the tomatoes, onion, garlic, cloves, […]

Banana (gluten free) Crepes Filled with Raspberry, Mint, Lime, (dairy free) cream cheese

In our house we love crepes for breakfast, we love them sweet and we love them savory! This is a delicious and simple healthy recipe that is dairy and gluten free! I do use eggs in the recipe, so if you are vegan, just use […]

Dairy Free Sushi with Quinoa

First, you will need to prepare the cream cheese and set it aside. Then, arrange all your ingredients. Ingredients: 4 sheets nori seaweed 1 cup of cooked quinoa (I used a tricolor one, but you can use the regular) 1 cucumber 1 Avocado 1 Carrot […]

Dairy Free Cream Cheese

I love cream cheese, at one point in my life it was one of my staple foods. I had it with everything! However, the more I learned how my skin reacted to dairy, the less of it I had until I cut it out of […]


Guacamole and Hummus are two of my favorite dips. I usually have one or both of them pre-made in my fridge. So naturally Guacammus which is a combination of Hummus and Guacamole is my other favorite thing. This recipe is super easy and will probably […]

Contour & Highlight

I have been looking for a perfect contour/highlight palette since I first found out about the art of contouring and highlighting and I finally found one I am truly in love with! Contouring and highlighting is my favorite part of doing my makeup. It’s simple, quick, […]

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cheese, bread, and red wine have always been three of my favorite things, so naturally, a cheesy pizza is also one of my favorite things. This recipe should definitely be celebrated with a glass of red wine. So if you have some, pour yourself a […]

Raw Carrot Cake

My husband loves carrot cake, it’s his favorite cake, so I was super excited when Kristinas (@fullyrawkristina) raw, gluten free, dairy free carrot cake came up on my Instagram feed! I knew if I could get him to like this, he could have his cake […]


I love Alfredo sauce and I love it on everything! I love it on my pizza, on my veggies, as a dip, on my pasta, on my fish, you name it, I probably love it! However, I haven’t had Alfredo sauce in over two years […]